Monday, May 5, 2008

Pyrex® ain't just for baking...

At first, he just gently touched her all over. With the lightest feathery touch, he explored her body from toes to head. Hardly making contact. Maybe he was actually exploring her aura and not really touching her at all. In another situation, it might have tickled... But this was pure sexual stimulation. When he got to her head... he stood at the head of the bed with her lying on her back. He rubbed her shoulders, her neck... Down her chest. Slowly massaging her breasts and down her belly.

As he started to stand back up, he lingered with his face near hers. Her eyes were closed but she could feel him there... could feel his lips just a fraction of an inch from hers. She could feel his breath, his energy. She tingled with it. She reached up with her lips and caught the briefest of kisses before he moved away. God she loved his lips. He knew this and he was such a tease. He bent down again and licked her nipples and gently nibbled them. She reached up and caressed his hair, his face. She HAD to touch him. It's like an addiction, she can never seem to keep her hands off his body. Sometimes he finds the need to tie them, just to make her behave. But he didn't tie her this time, maybe he should have.

He reached down and started to rub her clit... She was drenched. His face was inches from her sex, so intent on the job at hand. Once again, she could feel his breath on her... hot. Her greatest wish at that moment was for him to bend lower and lick her. Instead he rubbed harder and faster and when she was close to climax, he turned away from her. Though this time not to tease, he was digging in his bag for something... one of his infamous toys no doubt. Next thing she knew, he held a small but powerful vibrator to her already tingling clit.
With short staccato movements, he would touch the vibrator to her and pull it away, then back again. Each time, it made her body pulse up and down trying to stay in contact with the thing. Working steadily at this task, his other hand moved in with a glass dildo (one of her favorite toys, by the way). He inserted it into her pussy and thrust in and out.

Although he was quite adept at doing two things at once, she reached down and relieved him of the vibrator. As he continued to thrust in and out, she found just the right spot with the vibrator and held it there. Her arms ached holding it so steady but it was worth it. She exploded in an exhausting climax as he clamped his hand over her mouth. After all, there were people within hearing distance and she tended to make noise when she came.

When he was sure she'd no longer cry out, he removed his hand. She started to hand him the vibrator as he took the dildo and put it in her ass. Spasms arched her back. As she settled back down he reached for the vibrator, but she decided she wasn't finished with it. With the glass toy in her ass and his other hand moving in and out of her dripping pussy, she once again used the vibrator on her clit. It didn't take long for her to come again, writhing around on the bed. He thought he'd have to silence her again by covering her mouth, but she didn't want him to remove either hand from their tasks. She tried very hard to keep her mouth tightly closed and not call out. She was mostly successful though several whimpers and moans did indeed escape.

She settled back down from one of the best climaxes she's ever had. All she wanted now was to snuggle into his arms for a little while, but he didn't stop. Pumping away with the Pyrex, he took the vibrator from her and resumed his earlier torture of touching it to her clit and then pulling away. On, off, on, off... It was maddening. More like agony now than pleasure... luscious agony... She started to ask him to stop, all the while knowing that the words "stop" or "no" held absolutely no meaning for him when he was at work.

As she started to actually beg him to stop, she reached down and grasped the hand that was torturing her with the vibrator. He had to leave the Pyrex where it was now and wrenched her hand away, pinning it to the bed. He was leaning his body against her other arm... She was not going to dissuade him from his project. With a constant stream of "stop,stop, fuck! Stop, please, oh please, stop" her body arched painfully, wonderfully, spasming into another violent climax.

Through gritted teeth, the begging and cussing still flowed. He held her in his strong arms as she came back down, to make sure she didn't fall. Shaking all over, she curled up in a fetal position and practically wept... and literally purred in satisfaction.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lucid? Well, I don't know about That!

My God he was sexy… and beautiful, so very beautiful. He walked right up to me and grabbed me and we started kissing. Deep, wet, sensual kisses. I was nearly weak and he was getting hard. I could feel him pressing against me. Then we were naked. I have no idea when or how it happened.
Why couldn’t I remember? We were making love and it was fabulous. But it all happened in such a blur. There came a tremendous rushing in my ears as I started to cum… and cum and cum… and… I woke up!
It was a dream!

Oh, Lord… what a dream!

And I was sooo wet, couldn’t let that go to waste. So as I started to pleasure myself, I fell back to sleep. At that point, I was able to “direct” my dream. Lucid Dreaming, they call it.
Hmmm, how nice. I started it all over again… replaying the earlier dream. It was so wonderful as I fingered myself. I didn’t think I could climax the way I had before but when it happened it was so intense that I woke myself screaming. But, I realized, my hands were on top of the covers and I hadn’t actually been touching myself. And I hadn’t screamed…
but, I HAD climaxed!
I was spent!
Oh, My! It was a dream of a dream! How very odd. What a strange sensation.

And what a fabulous way to start the day… well, guess it’s off to work!
I've never had a dream that I was dreaming! I thought I should write it down, even if it was not as detailed as my other stories. I had to preserve it, it was plain weird... and pretty damned nice.
Can't wait to go to sleep tonight!