Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lucid? Well, I don't know about That!

My God he was sexy… and beautiful, so very beautiful. He walked right up to me and grabbed me and we started kissing. Deep, wet, sensual kisses. I was nearly weak and he was getting hard. I could feel him pressing against me. Then we were naked. I have no idea when or how it happened.
Why couldn’t I remember? We were making love and it was fabulous. But it all happened in such a blur. There came a tremendous rushing in my ears as I started to cum… and cum and cum… and… I woke up!
It was a dream!

Oh, Lord… what a dream!

And I was sooo wet, couldn’t let that go to waste. So as I started to pleasure myself, I fell back to sleep. At that point, I was able to “direct” my dream. Lucid Dreaming, they call it.
Hmmm, how nice. I started it all over again… replaying the earlier dream. It was so wonderful as I fingered myself. I didn’t think I could climax the way I had before but when it happened it was so intense that I woke myself screaming. But, I realized, my hands were on top of the covers and I hadn’t actually been touching myself. And I hadn’t screamed…
but, I HAD climaxed!
I was spent!
Oh, My! It was a dream of a dream! How very odd. What a strange sensation.

And what a fabulous way to start the day… well, guess it’s off to work!
I've never had a dream that I was dreaming! I thought I should write it down, even if it was not as detailed as my other stories. I had to preserve it, it was plain weird... and pretty damned nice.
Can't wait to go to sleep tonight!