Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Head over Heels!

“So, what ARE those things?”
He looked at her with those luscious eyes, batting his lashes in that ‘I’m so innocent’ manner. “These?” “These are the latest thing… Gravity Inversion Boots” he said.
“And what do you do with Gravity Inversion Boots” she asked. Actually, she knew what they were and she knew what they’re used for… but she wondered what HE had in mind for them. She could only imagine.
“Why… for hanging upside down, of course.” “You know… it’s therapeutic…” he told her.
“OH! You bought them to help your back.” She said, with some skepticism.
“Uh, No, actually I bought them for you.”
“But I’m not having back problems. In fact, my back has never felt better” she assured him.

As he steered her into the room, he said, “Well, we want to keep it that way don’t we?” He led her to a sort of… bench. It was tall for a bench and it was padded. It looked very sturdy and her stomach gave a bit of a flutter. He started to remove her clothing. Slowly, he began unbuttoning her blouse as he gently kissed her neck… her ear… her face. As he slid the sleeves off her arms, he kissed her shoulder and slowly moved down to her breasts. He caressed her for few moments with his lips then went back to the job of undressing her. He slid her jeans off her hips and held her steady as she stepped out of them. Circling her waist with his arms, he held her close and kissed her a few minutes more… then he picked her up and laid her onto the bench. She loved how strong he is. On her back now, she looked up and noticed that there were chains hanging from the ceiling. Those flutters in her stomach now became tremors. She has always trusted him completely… but she was pretty nervous. This was completely new.

He put the boots on her ankles… making sure they were nice and tight and then he hooked them to the chains.
As he started to haul her up… up toward the ceiling… her butt lifting off the bench, she starts to murmur. “Are you really sure about this?” “Are you sure those chains will hold?” “What if…?”
“Am I going to have to gag you?” he said impatiently.
“No, no… please don’t do that. I’ll be good.”
“Then don’t question me! Have I ever disappointed you?”
“No Sir! Never!” She hurriedly said.

Actually, she was looking forward to being suspended. She had always wanted to try it. But just as her ass left the bench, he stopped. He cuffed her wrists and fastened them to the legs of the bench. So, here she was… on her back, legs in the air and arms securely shackled below her…. She wasn’t going anywhere.
He kissed her lips, his tongue entering her mouth… it was so delicious. Pulling away, he produced a riding crop and started to rake it across her body… slowly, gently… teasing. She knew that wouldn’t last. She was getting so turned on just as he slammed the crop across her bare ass. She lurched intensely, trying to get away. There wasn’t much room for her to move… but she strained hard against her bonds. Again with the crop… over and over he smacked it against her as he changed his trajectory ever so slightly. Fine red lines were appearing on her skin. It stung excruciatingly yet she was more turned on than she’s ever been.
She was starting to whimper and she wondered how much more she could take. But he knew… he always knew. She started to beg him, “Please, Boss…. Please stop… I can’t… I want… “
“Who gives a rat’s ass WHAT you want?” He roughly yanked her hair backward and bit her on her neck… just hard enough to make her very, very wet. He ran his tongue up her neck to her ear and whispered, “I’ll stop when I’m ready to stop” he said. He whacked her two, three more times then reached down and unhooked the shackles letting her arms go free. He hauled her up higher. Pulling on the chains, he lifted her completely off the bench and pulled it out of the way. Now she was totally suspended… upside down.

Her only real view was of his feet and legs, but her hands were free and she could touch him. Thank goodness! She hates not being able to touch him… even if it’s just to hold on to his pant leg, she felt so much happier.
She had no view at all of what he was doing; she couldn’t see the “Magic Wand” vibrator he had just plugged in. He placed it between her legs and switched it to high. Holy Smokes! What a feeling!
Maybe it was the blood rushing to her head… maybe it was being suspended with her legs wide apart. Whatever it was, she felt completely out of control. He has tied her down in the past. But this was truly amazing.

He found the perfect spot and put some pressure on the vibrator. Her body started to shake. As she started losing control she began to scream… he reached down and clamped his hand across her mouth.
That’s all it took… she came in wild, violent spasms. Never had she climaxed like this! It was the most intense and wonderful thing she had ever felt.
How does he do that??
How does he always make it bigger… better… perfect?
Completely exhausted, she was totally unable to help him as he lowered her back to the bench. He removed the boots… those wonderful boots. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her off to bed where he held her warm and safe. She was completely wasted and so very content. And her back felt really good too!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Restaurant

They had planned it ahead of time… sort of. They talked about it a little. So when they both turned up at the same restaurant on the same night, it seemed the time was at hand.
She was there with her group of girlfriends. It was their “once-a-month” dinner out.
She didn’t really know why he was there. It only mattered that he WAS there. She wanted this so badly… wanted him so badly!
He always had a knack for making her fantasies come true. Could he pull this one off? What a delicious thought. She sat making small talk with her friends all the while sitting in a veritable puddle.
Edgy as hell, she tried to act normally. All she could do was think of the scenario in her head. It seems so… well… DIRTY, so taboo. And damn it to hell, she wanted to do it.
Was it too nasty even for him? She didn’t think there was anything too… well too anything for him.
As the night wore on, she was convinced that it just wasn’t to be. She kept stealing glances in his direction, careful to not be noticed. He looked at her only a couple of times… with a twinkle in his eye. He looked so… mischievous. But still, there was no signal, nothing to hint that it might actually happen.
It was quite late; pretty soon the restaurant would be closing. Of course the “girls” were oblivious to everything but their conversations. When, finally she noticed him moving toward restrooms that were in an alcove, nicely hidden from view. Never glancing back, he walked into the Men’s Room. It made sense; it would be much safer than the Ladies Room. She excused herself from the table. She said no more to them than “I’ll be right back”. She knew if she said she was going to the Ladies Room someone would tag along. Women like to visit the bathroom in packs it seems.
When she got to the Men’s Room door, she hesitated. Was she really going to do this? Was she crazy? What if they were caught? Ooh, she was so turned on… she was absolutely creaming in her jeans. Just then the door opened a crack and he peeked out and gave her a look as if to say “well? Are you coming or not?”
She quickly slipped inside and she noticed in a flash that the place was empty. He roughly pulled her into a stall with him. She kissed him but he had other plans as he reached down and popped her jeans open and yanked them down to her ankles. He spun her around and bent her over as he slid his dick into her extremely wet pussy. She had her hand on the back wall to steady herself as he pounded away. Pulling away, he turned her back to face him and she worked the jeans off of one foot. She was standing on one leg with the other up around his waist. He had a tight grip to that leg as he entered her pussy again. He backed her against the stall wall and banged her up against it over and over. She was pretty sure she heard someone enter and use the urinal… but there was no stopping at this point. Did the visitor linger and listen? Hmmm, that thought popped into her head just as she started to come. As she opened her mouth to scream he clamped his hand over her lips, roughly… just the way she liked it. When her shuddering stopped he spun her around one more time and bending her over he forced his way into her ass and pumped her hard until she was whimpering. He began to shake all over. Finally, he came in a tremendous flood. Hot, wet… filling her up.
They pulled their respective jeans back into place and then shared a deep, wet kiss. He walked out of the bathroom, glancing back at her just long enough to convey that the coast was clear. She then left the bathroom and made her way back to her table. The girls were still chatting happily to one another. As she sat down, she realized they barely noticed she was gone. How long had it taken? Not long it seemed.
But long enough, she was spent and completely happy. He’d done it again!
And they had never said a word.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

morgan am I

- and good erotic fiction do I enjoy.

Sorry, I was watching Star Wars Ep. 2 The Clone War today and it's got me talking like Yoda.

I'm not really into this "blogging thing" but I thought I'd give it a try. I wanted a place to share some of the erotic fiction I write. Also, I plan to showcase fiction from some of my friends who are not as brave as I.
Yeah, right... she says that when all you know about her is her first name (if that is INDEED her real name. eh?).

This site is dedicated to my Dearest Love... my "Boss"... my "Master"... the man who makes me tingle all over... quite literally!
You know who you are!