Saturday, February 10, 2007

morgan am I

- and good erotic fiction do I enjoy.

Sorry, I was watching Star Wars Ep. 2 The Clone War today and it's got me talking like Yoda.

I'm not really into this "blogging thing" but I thought I'd give it a try. I wanted a place to share some of the erotic fiction I write. Also, I plan to showcase fiction from some of my friends who are not as brave as I.
Yeah, right... she says that when all you know about her is her first name (if that is INDEED her real name. eh?).

This site is dedicated to my Dearest Love... my "Boss"... my "Master"... the man who makes me tingle all over... quite literally!
You know who you are!



Anonymous said...

yes, Morgan, I know who I am. Next time you will be upside down with the Sybian between your legs and a violet wand on your nipples. of course the magic wand will be in the appropriate place. You will learn to come on command, and I will not stop until "I" want to. Of course, who gives a rats ass what you want! I think I was too nice last time. That will not happen again, but the rest will happen again! and again, and again.....Stop it, not until I say you can!! you must beg

Morgan C. said...

i'm on my knees begging now.
my head is bowed, hands behind my back.

but as usual, there's a rebellious twinkle in my eye...

i need a spanking!