Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Appointment.

Before her last visit, she’d have said she didn’t know him at all. What is it about a hug? What passed between them in that brief contact? Too brief at that, but it was long enough for … something.
After that, they started talking… conversations late at night. Talking about anything, everything. They started talking about sexy, intimate subjects. What made him reveal his feelings to her? Did he instinctively feel he could trust her? Did he think she needed him? Well… she did!
It didn’t take long for her to realize that this man was getting her extremely excited. And he knew it too. Who REALLY has “cyber sex”? I mean, come on! But here she was, eagerly looking for him online late at night. And she asked him to call her… just a short hello on the cell sometime. Why does that turn her on? Just hearing his voice?

She arrived this evening while he was working on a customer… it was a girlfriend of hers, getting a chemical peel. So she sat quietly waiting for him to finish. She read a little. Talked a little. During idle chitchat with her girlfriend she quickly glances at him and they exchange a knowing wink. Warmth fills her.
When WILL she leave? She loves her friend, but she wanted time with him... personal time.
They were alone, finally. He looked at her and just smiled ... what a great smile. It makes her melt. He locked the door. She had undressed, put on a robe and was sitting in the chair waiting for him. He sat back down and they talked for a while. What did she need today? Pedicure? Scrub? Anything else? Hmmm, there’s a question!

He started with her feet. He makes sure that she’s totally relaxed. This is exactly what she needed! Pampering... time just for her.
When he finished the pedicure. He moved to her head. He reclined the chair all the way back so she was in a lying position. And then he pushed a button that raised the chair higher. He started rubbing her neck. This could be dangerous. Her neck is her most erogenous spot. Just a touch there and it sends shivers down her spine.

Something has changed the moment… it feels, different. The thing is… she wants him, very badly. But he keeps working, seemingly oblivious to her aroused state.
How well DOES she know this man? How well does she Want to know him? Now, that’s another good question. And the answer is just a little scary.
He finished rubbing her neck and shoulders then he runs his hands through her hair, pulling her head back slightly. Soft, exquisitely sensual kiss ... his fingers lightly touching her lips ... moving down ... brushing her neck ... tracing the line of her collar bone and down her arm. Slowly, softly ... nothing urgent, nothing rushed ... time enough for that later.
Light kisses on her neck, on her breasts... down her belly. Then his tongue…it was hot on her skin. Hold on, gotta hold on... but... Wow! This could make a girl nuts.
Just as she thought he'd move lower... he stops. Ah, that's right... "Anticipation", she laughs.
He comes back to her neck. He spends time here. He knows what it can do to her. He pays a lot of attention to the back of her neck, feeling how she responds, knowing EXACTLY what he's doing to her. He doesn't move from this spot, not until he senses that she's almost out of control. Almost... but not quite, he wouldn't let that happen. No, he's a master at this. He's not ready to let go of this control over her. But she’s used to being the one in control… this is quite different, very… exciting.
He kisses her again, a little more determined this time, more passionate. And she responds… kissing him back… touching his face. They do this for a while… just kissing and touching… it feels so wonderful. It’s been a long time since a man’s touch felt this good.
He stops and just looks at her. She loves his eyes, it’s like he can see inside her. She can’t look away… he seems to control her will. And she likes it. Funny, she’d have never believed it. She’s never allowed it before, never allowed a man to have any kind of control over her.
He keeps asking her what she wants, but how to answer that? What DOES she want? For this to never stop? Yes, definitely that. The simplicity of the closeness, the gentle tenderness, the loving touches… They feel so wonderful, what else would she need? It’s almost like, if she tells him what she wants… it may somehow “limit” the possibilities. Does that make sense? Well, she thinks, he seems to read minds… let him figure it out. He’s done very well so far.
He kisses her again and then moves his attention between her legs… just lightly caressing at first. Then he slips his hand down to her clit. Slowly at first… gently rubbing. He takes his other hand and slips a finger inside her. While slowly moving his finger in and out, he increases the speed on her clit creating more friction. In the past, it has always taken so much effort to make her come… in fact, she rarely does except when she’s doing the work herself. But it didn’t take long this time. Arching her back, she came… her body shuddering, quietly sighing.
He moves back up, leaning on his elbow and just looks at her. She had her eyes closed and she felt like she was glowing, so warm, so comfortable and so spent. She could feel him there, his face just inches away from hers. She opened her eyes and kissed him. He just kept touching her face… brushing her hair from her brow. He was biding his time until she came down from her high.
As she regained her senses, he smiled a devilish smile and produced a toy from somewhere… it was a vibrator. Turning it on, he starts to rub it all over her… moving it to her clit… her still tingling clit. He teases at first but eventually he gets it in the perfect spot and just keeps it there. If the first time was a steadily escalating climax… this time it came crashing upon her. She gasped and thrashed about. But he didn’t move. He kept his toy right where it was and made her ride the wave. When she finished her shuddering he put the toy away. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to a sofa and lay down with her. They cuddled for a while and she thought, as good as the climax was… this was just as good!

She was so comfortable… so content. But he wasn’t. He slipped out of his clothes and was rock hard. He just rubbed against her until she couldn’t stand it any more. Well, So much for cuddling. “Make love to me”, she whispered. He said, “I’ve been doing that all night”, but he obliged. Slowly at first, then he fucked her hard and she came yet again. This time the best of all.

Who would have thought? Certainly not her… so many times in one evening. He truly is a Master.


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