Wednesday, August 29, 2007

a ride in the country

She thought she’d take a chance that he’d be home… that he’d be free. He was always way too busy.

She turned her motorcycle into his driveway. The pretense? He had never seen her bike before. As luck would have it, he was alone. He looked over her bike. It wasn’t a show bike. She liked to RIDE her bike, not rub and polish it. They talked for a while, never at a loss for things to discuss.

He smiled suddenly and said, “Hang on for a minute” and he walked away. Returning a few minutes later… he was putting on a light jacket and carrying a helmet, he also had a small back pack. “Take me for a ride” he said. Well, that’s all he had to say. She climbed on, lifted the side stand and he jumped on the back. It felt great with his arms wrapped around her waist. Turning her head so he could hear her, she asked, “So? Where to?” He thought for a minute, “Take a left up here and follow the road to…”

After riding for a while he directed her to a place out in the country that she’d ridden by many times but never had reason to stop. It looked very private, quite “out of the way”.

He climbed off the bike. She started to shut the engine down but he stopped her. “Just put the stand down”. When she complied, he slipped his hand down and undid her jeans.
She lay back onto the passenger seat… holding on to the “sissy bar”. Pulling her jeans down off her hips he bent over her and began to eat her. The combination of the vibration of the engine and the movement of his tongue… sent her into convulsions almost immediately. She felt like screaming… should she? Here? It was seemingly deserted, but if someone DID hear… they might think the worst. Surely someone was being tortured. But still, it was difficult to stay quiet. No problem, he put one hand over her mouth.

After a few minutes, he offered his hand and she was able to get off the bike. They sat down in the grass. It was sunny and warm, a really beautiful day. They started kissing right away. He laid her back on the ground and stroked her hair, her face… He finished removing her clothes. This felt wild, lying in the warm grass, totally naked. She had never done this before. He started to explore her body as if for the first time. He touched and caressed every inch of her. Light feathery touches that always drive her crazy.
He started kissing her neck all over. He kissed her forehead, her eyelids and her ears. His hot breath on her skin was so delicious.

After being so gentle it was a surprise when he grabbed her wrists and pulled her quickly to her feet. He started to drag her over toward the edge of the woods and when she didn’t move fast enough he turned and threw her over his shoulder and carried her. He set her down on her feet and backed her up against a tree. Pulling her arms behind her and around the tree, he tied them with a rope that must have come from the back pack. Next he tied her ankles with the end of the rope… it was a long rope. Her legs were wide apart and she couldn’t move. And then he blindfolded her… oh how she hates to be blindfolded. But of course, he knows that. He walked off… behind the tree. She could hear him but what was he doing? A little while later he came back with something that he started to drag along her skin. Oh, my… it was what her grandmother would have referred to as a “switch”. Well, she thought, I guess I know where this is going. He started tapping the switch across her thighs, not hard at all… not yet. Tap tapping down her legs to the tops of her feet. Getting harder now he worked his way back up her legs. Slapping with it now… on the tops of her thighs, across her belly… up toward her breasts. There were lines now on her skin and she was whimpering.

The beating got harder and harder until she was sure she couldn’t take it anymore. It hurt! And she knew she was marked. Then suddenly it stopped. All she could think of was how much it stung when… he suddenly took her. Forcing his way into her…. He pounded her against the tree. The bark bit into her back and her ass cheeks. He was roughly biting her neck as he fucked her violently. She started to scream… not from fear or pain, but from ecstasy. There were no people for miles and no one could hear her but he placed his hand over her mouth anyway… because he knows she likes it.

And as brutal as this episode was… it was All because she likes it… so much!


katie said...

OMG this is lovely. I have never been switched but it has always been a fantasy of mine.

Morgan C. said...

You really need to give it a try!!