Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The New One (part one)

"I think you have a new one"
"A new one?" he asked. "What do you mean, a 'new one'?"
She said, very quietly, "a new playmate… a new… slave."
"hmmm…" he looked her in her eyes, "and how does that make you feel?"
"oh!... Excited! Very, very excited. And Turned on!"
He could see that she meant it. Her eyes were bright with anticipation. "What is it that excites you so?"
She thought for a moment, "the possibilities… you have always created such exciting possibilities. And with another in the mix, well that could only mean more fantasies to explore." Then she said, "do you think we could have a party soon? I've really missed F." And then with a mischievous gleam in her eye she added, "do you think you can handle three of us?"
"Do I think I can HANDLE three of you??" he said, raising his voice a little. "Well, tell me… do YOU think I can handle it?" "And tell me this, do you think you should be punished for such an impertinent question??"
She looked down quickly, "Yes, sir… I guess I should be." She tried to look repentant but couldn't hide the grin forming. "Yes, indeed I should!"
"Well, then tell me what punishment you think would be appropriate."
She looked around sheepishly and said, "oh, I think a spanking would be good… I mean, appropriate."
"NO," he commanded, "No, a spanking would be a reward NOT a punishment. I think…" He walked over to his "closet", "No, I don't think a spanking would be appropriate at all." He came back with a blindfold in his hand.
"No, please," she pleaded, "I really hate being blind-folded…"
"Thus, the punishment!" he grinned as her smile disappeared.

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Morgan C. said...

Well, it appears you cannot "handle" three... or four... or...