Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey, Girl...

Yeah, Girl... you know who you are!

Still think you can't write? Don't want to be compared to so-called "accomplished" writers?
Well here is my really complicated advice... just DO it. Hah, heard that somewhere before?? Yeah, I know... but that simple little sentiment is exactly what you need. Just do it, just WRITE, often! The more you do it, the more "natural" it will feel and the better you will get. I promise! No, really...

So sit down with pad and pen, or sit down at that laptop and start writing your thoughts. And don't bother with grammar or spelling at first, just get some ideas on "paper". You can always polish later.

Oh, and when you're feeling more comfortable with what you've written, share it with me. I won't publish it here

... unless you want me to.

I just want to read it. You can share it or you can ask me questions.
I'm even willing to edit it for you.
That's what I do!



candysays said...

yes, Morgan, I do "know who I am" and I'm thrilled you responded to my email here on your blog. I will try to take your advice. I may be contacting you for more help. Thanks again.

Morgan C. said...

I sent you an email but haven't heard back.