Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Evening Out...

(this is a revision of a previously published story... I adapted it for someone special)

They were out to dinner at a local restaurant. It seemed as if he knew everyone who worked there, friends from his days in the restaurant biz. After the waiter took their orders, the manager came over and he and John chatted for a while. As they ate, several others came by the table to say ‘hi’ and asked what he’d been up to lately. After a while they were left alone to eat and have their own conversation.

The evening continued pleasantly and they talked late into the night. They could always find things to talk about. They had finished eating long ago and were just lingering over drinks. It looked like the restaurant was about to close. In fact, it was pretty apparent they were among only a few people left in the place.

Suddenly he stood and bent down and whispered into her ear, “I’m going to the men’s room… in a minute or two, follow me.” She was a little surprised at this request… no, not request… it was an order. She was surprised but also very turned on.
He turned and walked away. Never glancing back, he walked into the Men’s Room. She just sat there for a few minutes, heart pounding so hard she was sure someone would hear it. Finally, she rose and walked timidly toward the restrooms. They were in an alcove, nicely hidden from view.

When she got to the Men’s Room door, she hesitated. Was she really going to do this? Was she crazy? This was pretty nasty… was it TOO nasty? No, she was sure nothing was too nasty for him. But, what if they were caught? Ooh, she was so turned on… she was absolutely creaming in her jeans. Just then the door opened a crack and he peeked out and gave her a look as if to say “well? Are you coming or not?”She quickly slipped inside and she noticed in a flash that the place was empty. He roughly pulled her into a stall with him. She kissed him but he had other plans as he reached down and popped her jeans open and yanked them down to her ankles. He spun her around and bent her over as he slid his cock into her extremely wet pussy. She had her hand on the back wall to steady herself as he pounded away. Pulling away, he turned her back to face him and she worked the jeans off of one foot. She was standing on one leg with the other up around his waist. He had a tight grip to that leg as he entered her pussy again. He backed her against the stall wall and banged her up against it over and over. She was pretty sure she heard someone enter and use a urinal… but there was no stopping at this point. Did the visitor linger and listen? Hmmm, that thought popped into her head just as she started to come. As she opened her mouth to scream he clamped his hand over her lips, roughly… just the way she liked it. When her shuddering stopped he spun her around one more time and bending her over he forced his way into her ass and pumped her hard until she was whimpering. He began to shake all over. Finally, he came in a tremendous flood. Hot, wet… filling her up.

He pulled his jeans back into place and kissed her, deep, wet. As she got ready to put herself back together, someone roughly yanked the stall door open. She was horrified… Who Was this? Why was he here? They had been caught!
Shocked and confused, yet…
She was still coherent enough to notice something pass between John and this other man. There was a look. They knew each other. This had been planned. All of a sudden she understood and she was starting to get angry.

John stepped back and the other man grabbed her wrists and pulled her from the stall. He held her around the waist and forced her out of the restroom into the dining room. He had to half carry her as her jeans were still dangling from her ankles. The lights were low and the place was deserted. Well, almost deserted… there were other men there, she wasn’t sure how many, maybe three more. This man put her down onto her feet and shoved her backward. Off balance, she fell into waiting arms… John’s arms. He nuzzled her neck and said into her ear, “This IS going to happen… you know you want it.” As he held her tightly with one arm he took an offered beer from one of his ‘friends’. They shared a sort of beer-bottle-clinking-salute to one another and then the man set his bottle down on the table.

Walking up to her, while still held in John’s arms, this man started kissing her on the mouth as John was kissing and nibbling the back of her neck and between her shoulder blades. The stranger was caressing her breasts and John was squeezing her ass. John reached around with one hand and touched her pussy. Just kind of cupping it with his warm hand. She couldn’t help it, she started to moan.

The stranger was kissing her roughly as someone got his attention and he stepped away only to be replaced by another stranger. This man immediately dropped to his knee and grabbed her thighs and forced them apart. He buried his mouth in her… tongue roughly exploring her. Her knees weakened and John now had to support her completely. He had his right arm around her waist holding her up and took her chin in his left hand and turned her head to the side so they could kiss. God, she loved kissing him. Melting into that kiss, she almost forgot for a moment what was happening below… almost.

The man on the floor was careful to stop what he was doing before she got too close to orgasm. As he stood up from his activity another of the men walked up. He had his beer in his hand and with a chuckle and a mischievous twinkle in his eye; he stuck the neck of the cold beer bottle in her steaming, dripping pussy. She gasped as he pulled it out and took a long satisfying swig from that bottle. Grinning, he stepped around behind her and held her as John moved in front of her where she could see him. While she watched, John started to strip. The man behind her was replaced with another set of arms to hold her… this man was naked. She could feel his hot cock against her ass. But she couldn’t keep her eyes off John who was now, also, naked. Just as she thought she’d get to touch his gorgeous body, John stepped away and she was guided to a man lying naked on the carpet. Was this someone new? She had no idea, she had lost track. He was lying on his back relaxed with his head on his arms and his cock was hard and standing straight up. She was guided onto his cock… as she straddled his body. The man behind her had his hands on her shoulder and moved her against the supine stranger. She wasn’t getting away, as if she wanted to. But another surprise was soon to follow. As she was riding the man she was pushed forward a bit and someone entered her ass. His cock was hard and it was big… she was filled… pussy, ass… completely filled. The only opening left was her mouth. John approached her and offered his cock… teasingly, in front of her face. She wanted it so badly. After tempting and pulling away a few times he let her have it. She sucked on it greedily as she was pounded from behind. At one point the thrusting was so powerful she had to hold onto John’s hips for support. John reached down and cradled her head in his hands, guiding her back and forth on his cock. Before he was able to come, she looked up at him, moved off his cock and begged, “but I want to fuck YOU”.

Someone placed a dining room chair in reach and John sat down. She climbed onto his cock, finally where she really wanted to be. He kissed and sucked her tits as she happily rode him. But of course one of the others came up from behind and squatting on very strong legs entered her ass again. He had to hold the back of the chair for support and the whole assembly was rocking precariously on thin chair legs. The others (she never really knew how many) put their hands on her, touching her all over.
She was kissing John hard with so many touching her as she and John and the stranger came… violently, amazingly the three of them came together…

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